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Newsmagazin - Artikel: 50 years Zschorlauer Dreieck

At this event the organizer, the 1-st Auer MSC, invited a plenty of top class drivers to celebrate the 50-th anniversary of the road race track in Zschorlau. The first race took place in 1962 and many guest stars celebrated this anniversary.
In addition to spectacular races many other highlights were shown at this unique event.
The organizing team around Thomas Haase and Rainer Pommer managed it to lead the Yamaha Classic Racing Team (YCRT) headed by Ferry Brouwer to Zschorlau.
The visitor had the rare opportunity to stay in contact with racing motorcyclists as Phil Read, Steve Baker, Jos Schurgers, Dieter Braun, Peter Rubatto, Ralf Waldmann or Jan de Vries (just to name a few).
Also Audi Tradition caused two real "highlights". Ralf Waldmann was allowed to move the two extremely rare and expensive DKW  SS350 racing motorcycles from 1939. Whenever these loud motorcycles started, every spectator on the entire event knew it.
It is a great honour for HEIDENAU that these machines with their 21 " front wheels and also the YRCT motorcycles from 125 to 350ccm are equipped with Heidenau racing tires.
This is the reason enough to present us together with the YCRT and the small but fine MZ-KG Karsten Guhra racing team on the event.
Despite the unstable weather conditions, the response was overwhelming and our products could prove with their outstanding performance.

Many thanks to all organizers, drivers and the great audience.



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